We will start assisting you the moment you take a step into any of our offices. Personalized counselling will be provided based on your career, education and life style preference. Our expert staff will communicate with the chosen education institutions, prepare all necessary documentation, process all enrolment applications and finalize your enrolment on your behalf while you can continue with your preparation for your new destination.


We help our students from day one with their initial needs, for instance: opening a bank account, telephone, transportation information, living expenses. All enrolment procedures to institutions and arrangements will be dealt with profession by our dedicated team. We will not allow our students to feel lonely in Australia, our extensive support will ensure you successfully adapt to Australian lifestyle.

Our staff will constantly follow up with you ensuring you are completely in confident in your studies.



  • Assisting with accommodation and airport pickup service
  • Providing comprehensive information on the Australian education system
  • Giving personalized counseling on study and career options
  • Full enrollment services to institutions
  • Communicating with Australian institutions on the behalf of students
  • Providing Up-to-date and accurate information about institutions and courses
  • Offering constant support in Australia advice on Australia
  • Processing visa extension applications
  • Processing visa applications (MARN0637505)
  • Providing migration services



We are dedicated to deliver high-quality service and consultation to our students. Our services are not limited to just enrolling you to institutions but that is just the start of our intensive services.

We want to make sure that you enjoy every single moment of your stay in Australia. Our student counsellors provide constant service even after office hours to make sure that our students are safe and happy. We don’t want life’s challenges to get in the way of your academic success and this is why we provide confidential and free counselling to help with any difficulties that you might experience.