When you travel or spend a long time in a new country, it’s important that the place you live in is somewhere you feel comfortable and enjoy coming home to. HUB EDU arranges international student accommodation.

You can choose where you live in Australia. Hub Edu counsellors can provide information and help you find accommodation. Your choice may depend on your level of education, personality, study style and financial situation but there are many options that will suit you.


Living with an Australian family Want to stay with an Australian family and experience the Australian culture and lifestyle? In a homestay, you’ll have the chance to live the Australian way of life, and make new friendships that will last a lifetime. Most families live within 30–50 minutes by public transport from the campus. Before you come to Australia, we’ll send you the family profile of your homestay. It will help you to know something about them before you arrive. What’s included? Homestays are a minimum of four weeks and need to be organised four weeks in advance. They include: a single furnished room with two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) during weekdays and three meals a day on the weekends.


If you want to live with new friends from all around the world. We have a range of great share houses that are all completely furnished with quality inclusions and equipped with all the facilities you need to feel safe and comfortable in a shared accommodation.


These are offered at universities and some vocational institutions.