“I consider myself as an international education ambassador and the business is the extension of my passion. I came to Sydney in 1995 as an international student. At that time Australia was not a popular destination for international education. I could not find anyone to help me for the enrolment. The whole admission process took 5 months. When I was in Sydney I met some other international students at the university and listened to their stories and challenges as international students. I have always been known for my philanthropist personality. I always get great pleasure in helping people and sharing my experiences. Also, I am a firm believer of the necessity of studying abroad and experiencing different cultures. While I was studying, many of my friends got in touch with me, asking about Australian education and institutions. I had been assisting many Turkish students with their enrolment process and giving them orientation when they arrived in Sydney. One day one of my very good Chinese friends told me that I could actually turn my passion into business. I started to make detailed researches and participated in schools’ trainings. I remember reading all the brochures and all I could find about their programs to get all the available information. In 1997, we set up HUB-EDU in Sydney and soon after in Istanbul. Since then we have been taking steady but sure steps to develop ourselves. We are genuinely proud that all of our students from over 70 countries have been placed into various Australian institutions which meet and exceed their expectations. We are having the honour of possessing high quality students who have strong backgrounds and great passions to make their dreams come true and truly happy that many of them have already started developing their careers in highly reputed companies all around the world. Our commitment, reputation, experience and professional team play the key roles in our success. I look forward to welcoming you to explore new cultures and share with us your educational experience in Australia.”
-Simon Boncukcu